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Ql-6078 high content super smooth polyester staple silicone oil

■Good fastness and smoothness
■High temperature resistance and no yellowing
■ environmentally friendly and non irritating
■High cost performance and low cost

Product introduction

[application characteristics]
Good fastness and smoothness
High temperature resistance and no yellowing
■ environmentally friendly and non irritating
High cost performance and low cost

[application characteristics]
Appearance: milky white viscous liquid
Active ingredient: 60% ± 2
PH value: 8-9
Ionic type: weak cation

[application technology]
Pre spinning: add 0.5-1% ql-108 polyester staple oil
After spinning: directly use any ratio of silicone oil and water to dilute, spray or pad.
It is suggested that the dosage of this product is 4-8kg

1. Hot air velocity ≥ 1.5 m / S;
2. Moisture content of fiber is less than 10%
3. The carrying rate of the solution is 8-10%
4. This product can not be mixed with anionic auxiliary
5. The shelf life of this product is 6 months, and it is sealed at low temperature

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