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Ql-6178 pet elastic silicone oil

When we rethink the design of silicone oil for polyester staple fiber, we hope to focus on the good smoothness expected by customers and the environmental protection in the production process. Finally, we optimized the special molecular structure and emulsification formula of silicone oil, making the silicone oil and polyester staple fiber have better adsorption, the production process is more environmentally friendly, and the polyester fiber treated by silicone oil is smoother.

Product introduction

[new design]

Ql-6178 pet elastic silicone oil is smoother and more circular
When we rethink the design of silicone oil for polyester staple fiber, we hope to focus on the good smoothness expected by customers and the environmental protection in the production process. Finally, we optimized the special molecular structure and emulsification formula of silicone oil, making the silicone oil and polyester staple fiber have better adsorption, the production process is more environmentally friendly, and the polyester fiber treated by silicone oil is smoother.

[physical and chemical index]
Appearance: white viscous liquid
Solid content 61% ± 2
PH value (1% solution) 8-10
Ionic nonionic

[application technology]
Recommended formula:
It is recommended to use ql-6178 pet elastic silicone oil with 1% - 3% ql-9018 or ql-9028 silicone oil crosslinking agent.
Add ql-9018 or ql-9028 silicone oil crosslinking agent diluted with 10 times water to ql-6178 pet elastic silicone oil, stir for 30 minutes, spray oil in the back of crimper, and control the silicone oil concentration at about 3% ~ 5%; adjust according to the production line capacity and final effect.
Dosage calculation:
Oil dosage = target oil dosage × target concentration / solid content
Amount of water used = target amount of oiling agent - amount of oiling agent used
For example, the target concentration of ql-6178 is 5%, the blending amount is 1000 kg, and ql-9018 is added as 2% of ql-6178
QL-6178 = 1000×5%/61% = 82 kg
QL-9018 =82×2% = 1.64 kg
Water = 1000 - 82 - 1.64 = 916.36kg

1) Water quality requirements: conductivity below 10us / cm, hardness below 3mg / L (with CaCO3), pH 6.0-8.0.
2) This silicone oil is used for adding silicon to polyester staple fiber. Please test its suitability before using it for other purposes.
3) All chemicals may have adverse effects on the environment and human body. Therefore, all units producing and using chemicals, including our company, should take measures to prevent environmental pollution and occupational health hazards according to the requirements of environmental protection and occupational health. Pay attention to site ventilation, wearing protective equipment, waste water and waste treatment, etc. refer to the SDS of the product for details.
4) The oil agent will freeze when it is below - 5 ℃. Before use, it will be heated to 20 ~ 30 ℃ and completely dissolved before use, which will not affect the quality.
5) Attention should be paid to the moisture discharge of the oven. If the moisture discharge is not good, it will lead to the decrease of the silicon fastness of the fiber, or even the problem of silicon dropping. In case of the above problems, please improve the moisture discharge amount and discharge more moisture out of the workshop as much as possible.

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