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New products are coming, PDMS silicone oil 3000mpa.s 201dimethicone

Product introduction

1. The role of mold release in rubber, plastic and metal

Due to the non-stick properties of dimethyl silicone oil and rubber, plastics, metals, etc., it can be used for mold release of polyurethane microcellular elastomer molded products, and can also be used for skin-skin polyurethane molded products, rubber products, ABS molded products Wait for demolding. The main advantages of the release agent are small release force, no pollution, convenient transportation, and make the surface of the product clean, smooth and clear in texture. With the rapid development of the polyurethane industry, the silicone oil release agent market is expanding.

2. Application of silicone oil in textile industry

Silicone oil can be used as fabric softener, lubricant, waterproofing agent, finishing agent and so on in the textile and garment industry. In order to meet the high-end demand for textiles, chemical product manufacturers are also constantly developing silicone oils that can be used in baths with various functional additives such as waterproofing agents, flame retardants, antistatic agents, and color-fixing agents. In addition, in order to improve the performance of the fabric, there are also silicone products that can be used in the same bath with dyeing, silicone oil for cotton with a cool feeling, silicone products that can improve the hand of the fabric, and can give the fabric excellent darkening effect and storage stability. Good, does not affect color fastness, good hand feel, such as silicone-based deepening agent. In addition to the functionalization of textiles as an additive in textiles, silicone products will also be applied to other fields in textiles, such as the combination of silicone and polyurethane to form the coating of the fabric; the polymerization of silicone and acrylic to form the printing of the fabric; organic The combination of silicon and organic fluorine forms a waterproof coating on the surface of the fabric, etc.

3. Application of silicone oil defoamer

Silicone oil-based defoamer generally has high defoaming performance. Commonly used silicone defoamers are formulated with silicone oil as the basic component, together with suitable solvents, emulsifiers or inorganic fillers. Silicone defoamer is a defoamer with low toxicity, anti-oxidation and strong foam breaking ability, so it is widely used in printing and dyeing industry and waste water defoaming industry.

4. Application of silicone oil in cosmetics

Polydimethylsiloxane can be used as a silicone surfactant. This product is a colorless, odorless, non-irritating, non-volatile thin to viscous fluid. It has the following good characteristics: ①Good lubricating performance, after coating the skin, it can form a uniform waterproof protective film, but without any sticky and greasy feeling; ②Good gloss. Good anti-ultraviolet radiation performance. It will not oxidatively deteriorate under UV light and cause skin irritation. ③Good antistatic performance. Tests have shown that the static electricity of the skin that has been wiped with the polysiloxane skin cream is completely eliminated, and there is an obvious dust-proof effect. ④It has a slow-release and fixed fragrance effect on flavors and fragrances, so it has a long fragrance retention period and high stability, is chemically inert, and has no adverse effects on other components of cosmetics, especially active ingredients. Good matching.

5. Application of silicone oil in electromechanical industry

Dimethicone is widely used in motors, electrical appliances and electronic instruments as an insulating medium for temperature resistance, arc corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and dust resistance. Wait. It is used as liquid shockproof and damping material in various precision machinery, instruments and meters. The shock absorption performance of dimethyl silicone oil is less affected by temperature, and it is mostly used in instruments such as aircraft and automobiles in occasions with strong mechanical vibration and large changes in ambient temperature. For shock resistance, damping, stabilizing instrument readings, and also as a liquid spring, and in aircraft landing gear.

6. Application in coatings

The surface tension of silicone oil is very small and has unique interfacial properties. Adding a small amount of low-viscosity dimethyl silicone oil to coatings and inks can effectively reduce the surface tension, improve coatability and expansibility, and obtain no orange peel and uniform appearance. coating. Compared with traditional coatings, polysiloxane coatings have many excellent properties, so they occupy a very important position in the coatings industry, especially in the application of functional coatings. Polysiloxane coatings have the following characteristics: ① The paint film has excellent gloss and color retention, high gloss, good decoration, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and the paint film has good physical and mechanical properties and fast drying speed. , The construction efficiency is high, and it is resistant to contamination and easy to clean; ② The number of coats is reduced without applying intermediate coatings during construction. ③ It is a high-solid coating with low VOC content, no isocyanate, and low odor, which is safe and healthy. and environmentally friendly features. Therefore, polysiloxane coatings are used in architectural coatings.

7. Application in medicine

Because polysiloxane has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, good biocompatibility, no skin sensitization, physiological inertness, high and low temperature resistance, non-flammability, good air permeability, unique solution permeability and stable physicochemical properties, it is widely used in medicine. Wide range of applications. Dimethicone ointment protects the skin from acids, alkalis, salts and various detergents. Silicone oil can be made into medical defoamer and skin protectant, can be used to formulate external medicines for treating various burns and skin diseases, and can also be made into toothpaste containing silicon with dual functions of anti-caries and anti-allergy. ; In addition, polysiloxane also has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical field.

8. Other applications

For insulating, dust-proof and mildew-proof coating: dip-coating a layer of dimethyl silicone oil on the surface of glass and ceramics, and heat treatment at 250-300 ℃, it can form a semi-permanent waterproof, mildew-proof and insulating layer Sexual film. It is used to treat insulating devices, which can improve the insulation performance of the device: to treat optical instruments, it can prevent lenses and prisms from getting moldy; to treat medicine bottles, it can prolong the shelf life of drugs, and prevent the loss of preparations due to sticking to the wall; It can lubricate the surface of the film, reduce friction and prolong the life of the film.

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