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Polydimethylsiloxane emulsion general release agent lubricant and polishing agent

Polydimethylsiloxane emulsion general release agent lubricant and polishing agent

Product introduction

Features and advantages 

• Ready-to-use non-ionic emulsion 

• Gloss and hydrophobicity 

• Good wetting and sliding properties

 • Universal mold release agent 

• Free of alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) 

• Compliant with cleaning agent regulations (EC) No. 648/2004

 • Good emulsion stability below 50°C 

• Good dilution stability, can be diluted to 1% 

• Good freeze-thaw stability application 

• QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion can be used as a polishing agentThe ingredients are used in car and furniture polishes, and only a minimum amount of coating is required to provide good gloss

 • Release agents for the following products: rubber or plastic parts (bottle stoppers, screw caps, barrel stoppers, etc.) 

•Used for the lubrication of the following products: Extruded rubber parts; conveyor belts

 • Textile machinery lubricants: spinning sewing thread lubricating knitwear manufacturing sewing needle lubricating glass cloth exhaust filter device description

 QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion is a non-active content of 60%Ionic polydimethylsiloxane emulsion, because of its non-ionic nature, can be widely used in various systems, such as non-ionic, anionic, cationic emulsification system or polymer system that does not form a complex, QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion andCompared with similar products on the market, it has better stability.

How to use When used as a release/lubricant,

 QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion can be used directly or diluted. The traditional spraying, dipping, rubbing or brushing can be used.It should be diluted with low-hardness water.For example, 1 part by mass of QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion is diluted with 10 parts by mass of water, and the user can do a small test for verification according to the concentration required by the method of use before production.

QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion can be used directly or diluted.As a textile finishing agent, a padding process can be used. The amount of emulsion depends on the fabric structure and type (natural or synthetic).In general, the recommended concentration is 5-50 g/L.Padding process 1. Rinse the fabric thoroughly with a non-ionic detergent, and then rinse with 2 g/L 80% acetic acid solution for 5 minutes.This process can neutralize the residual alkali in the previous process, and avoid oil spots or sticking to the roll caused by the instability of the dipping liquid.2. If anti-grease resin or filler is used in the process, the mixture should be diluted according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If the temperature is too high, the temperature should be lowered to below 30°C before padding the silicone emulsion.3. Pre-dilute QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion with approximately the same quality of water, and then add it to the mixing tank as needed.4. If you need to use a grease-resistant catalyst, please use the same quality of water to pre-mix and then add it to the mixing tank.5. Dilute with cold water to the required volume.Attention during use

• Use clean mixing tanks, conveying lines, roll boxes and rolls

• Use cold water to dilute the emulsion

• Do not use high-shear agitators when preparing finishing solutions. 

Operational precautions This document does not contain product safety information required for safe use.Before use, please read the product and its safety data sheet and the container label to learn about the safe use of the product, and the information that is harmful to the body and health.3/3 Storage and validity QIANGLI EM-2121 Emulsion can be frozen, so please avoid it. If it freezes, please melt it at room temperature before continuing to use. To prevent freezing, please store it at a temperature above 5°C and store it at 25°C (77℉) The following unopened storage, this product has a shelf life of 18 months from the date of production.Restrictions on Use This product has not been tested or stated as suitable for medical or medicinal use.

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