A brief discussion on silicone light diffusing agents
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Silicone light diffusing agent is an organic light diffusing agent. It is a polymer microsphere with a three-dimensional structure connected by silicon-oxygen bonds. This light diffusing agent itself is a white powder that is added to resins of different materials. , a kind of fine transparent glass spheres are evenly dispersed in the matrix. Through the difference in refractive index with different substrates, the light source is refracted penetratingly, changing the path of the light, and achieving uniform light and light transmission. Purpose.Meet the requirements of haze value and light transmittance at the same time.

Silicone light diffusing agent is a special silicone material with excellent optical properties and stability.It achieves uniform diffusion of light by regulating the propagation path of light within the material, and is widely used in LED lighting, display devices, optical instruments and other fields.The choice of density is crucial to the performance and application effect of silicone light diffusing agents.

Features of the product:1,Compared with inorganic light diffusing agents, it has high diffusion efficiency, good compatibility with the matrix resin, good dispersion, small specific gravity, low water absorption, good water repellency and hydrophobicity, light transmittance and uniformity. The light properties are more balanced; 2,Compared with traditional acrylic light diffusing agents, it has high light diffusion efficiency, low addition amount, excellent heat resistance, high brightness, and can maintain ideal light transmittance; 3,Compared with acrylic light diffusing agents Diffusion agent, better heat resistance and high temperature resistance, longer service life of lamp tube, lamp box and lamp shade.Moreover, the light diffusion efficiency is higher and the addition amount is lower.Great value for money.4, Different specifications of pure organic silicon-based high-efficiency light diffusing agents can be provided for different light diffusion and light transmittance balance requirements; 5, High light diffusion efficiency, low addition amount, generally around 0.5 -0.8%, depending on thickness , surface microstructure and compounding with other additives and other factors.

Factors affecting density The density of silicone light diffusing agents is affected by many factors, including the selection of raw materials, production process, type and content of additives, etc.Appropriate density not only ensures the optical properties of the material, but also improves its stability and durability.Therefore, these factors need to be considered comprehensively during the preparation process to obtain the ideal density value.

Appropriate range of density The appropriate density range of silicone light diffusing agents varies depending on the application field.In the field of LED lighting, appropriate density can ensure that light is evenly diffused inside the material and improves the lighting effect.In the field of display devices, the choice of density is related to the clarity and color performance of the image.In addition, in high-precision fields such as optical instruments, density stability is crucial to ensure optical performance.

Density Optimization Methods In order to obtain the appropriate density, several optimization methods can be adopted.First, by precisely controlling the ratio of raw materials and process parameters, the density of silicone light diffusing agents can be adjusted to a certain extent.Secondly, adding appropriate amounts of additives and fillers can further adjust the density and optical properties of the material.In addition, the use of advanced preparation technology and equipment can also improve the density stability and controllability of materials.

The density of silicone light diffusing agent has an important impact on its application performance and effect.By comprehensively considering factors such as raw materials, production processes and additives, the density of the material can be optimized and meet the needs of different application areas.

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