Vinyl silicone oil production line has been fully upgraded
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Huangshan QiangLi Chemical had upgraded and completion of its production line for vinyl silicone oil, targeting high-end silica gel products, high-end liquid adhesives market, high-end electronic adhesive market and so on, the viscosity is: 100/200/230/350/500/1000/2000/3500/5000/10000/20000 cSt, annual output can is about 14,400 tons.

The vinyl silicone oil used for production of high temperature vulcanized (HTV) silicone rubber makings, crosslinking agent and reinforcing agent, colorant, structure control agent, aging resistant agent and other mixed refining for high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber; Heat is used to make liquid silicon rubber, injection molding silicone rubber of the main materials; End vinyl silicone oil react with polyurethane, acrylic acid and other organic material, can be made more superior performance (weather resistance, aging resistance, anti-ultraviolet, strengthened toughness, etc.) of the new materials; Liquid plastic: the production of the infant child, the human body the silicone, pad printing silicon, plastic mold, silicone ink, trademark, and other fields; Electronic glue: power supply, electric appliances, LED lamp potting glue, etc.

Our company production of vinyl silicone oil containing potassium, sodium ions, excluding trimethylamine, high purity, low acid value and low volatile, without impurities. Previous sample stage, its excellent quality has got the trust of many users, the new production line upgrade, greater capacity, stricter quality control, all kinds of parameters is more stable, welcome consultation order, strong chemical wholeheartedly provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service!

vinyl silicone oil  SGS,Please consult the attachment

Vinyl silicone oil SGS

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