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Vinyl terminated silicone oil QL-2311 VDV 100-VDV1000

 Vinyl terminated silicone oil mainly includes vinyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane (Vi-PDMS) and vinyl terminated polymethyl vinyl siloxane (Vi-PMVS), can provide products with different viscosities and vinyl content according to needs.Vinyl silicone oil can be divided into: end-vinyl silicone oil and high-vinyl silicone oil, which are the main raw materials for addition-molding liquid silicone rubber, silicone gel, etc.; rubber compound modifiers/plastic additives/reinforcing materials, etc. 1.Used as a base material for the production of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV), mixed with crosslinking agents, reinforcing agents, colorants, structure control agents, anti-aging agents, etc. to prepare high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber raw rubber.2.2. Used to make liquid silicone rubber, which is the main material for injection thermoforming silicone rubber; 3.This product reacts with a variety of organic materials such as polyurethane and acrylic, and can be made into new materials with better performance (weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, enhanced toughness, etc.) (such as coatings for the production of various coatings and modified silicone oils).Important raw material.) Vinyl-terminated silicone oil use: It is a divinyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane with stable product quality and low volatile content. It is an addition-molded liquid silicone rubber, silicone potting compound, silicone gel, etc.Main raw material, modifier of rubber compound.High-vinyl silicone oil Uses: It is a divinyl-terminated or methyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane with vinyl in the middle chain segment. The product quality is stable, low volatile, non-yellowing and non-crosslinking.It is the main raw material for addition molding liquid silicone rubber, silicone potting compound, silicone gel, etc.; modifier of rubber compound; plastic additive, etc.

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