Qiangli Chemical adds new aminopolydimethylsiloxane related properties and applications
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Amino-modified polydimethylsiloxane, also known as: bulky silicone oil. It is a silicone oil synthesized using special silane and linear body. In addition to retaining the original hydrophobicity and mold release properties of dimethyl silicone oil, amino silicone oil also has the presence of amino groups that can give it reactivity, adsorption, lubricity, softness and other properties and is widely used.

Qiangli Chemical has newly added amino-modified silicone oil brands: QL-2211/2212/2213/2214/2215/2217/2218/2219/2251/2252/2253, which are benchmarked against the corresponding brands of these major brands.

1. Application in textile industry
The amino groups in amino silicone oil have strong polarity, high reactivity, adsorption, compatibility, and easy emulsification. They can interact with fiber surface active groups to improve washability, give fabrics softness, anti-wrinkle and other properties. They are widely used Fiber finishing agent used in the textile industry.
2. Application in daily chemical industry
Amino silicone oil is an important additive in cosmetics and is mainly used in hair cosmetics such as shampoo, perming solution, hair repair agent, and hair fixative. Adding amino silicone oil to shampoo can make it easier to disperse water, surfactants and other ingredients, and can give the hair a soft touch, easy combing and gloss.
3. Application in the field of mechanical processing
Amino silicone oil has high surface activity and can spread well on the surface of the material to form a uniform film. It can play a very good role in waterproofing, lubrication, and brightness. It can be used as polishing agent and release agent for automobile surfaces, furniture, interior decoration and other materials. And due to the presence of amino groups, it directly reacts with the organic groups on the surface of the material to form chemical bonds, which increases the fastness of the film and improves the wear resistance of the polishing film. The surface of the material treated by it is bright, hydrophobic and anti-fouling.
4.Applications in other industrial fields
With the continuous advancement of industrial structural adjustment and technological progress, the application of amino silicone oil in various fields is also constantly expanding. In the field of materials science, amino silicone oil is widely used in polymer modification, fiberglass materials, refractory materials and polymer materials as barrier agents; in the aerospace field, amino silicone oil is widely used in thyristors, semiconductor materials and microelectronic devices. in the manufacturing process. At the same time, amino silicone oil is also one of the important raw materials in home decoration, food packaging, medical equipment and other fields.

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