Invite you to visit the 2023 China Fluorosilicon Exhibition and meet with you in Shenzhen from October 11th to 13th
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The Shenzhen International Fluorosilicon Material Industry and Application Exhibition (CIFSIE) is an important new chemical material variety, with outstanding characteristics such as "excellent performance, wide application, high added value, and huge potential". It is a high-end material widely concerned by the world, and is listed as an important branch of the new material industry among China's seven strategic new industries. It is a key development area of "Made in China 2025".
Shenzhen International Fluorosilicon Material Industry and Application Exhibition CIFSIE has a large number of buyers from the fields of electronics, communication, display, coating, etc. This exhibition will organize and connect with key downstream customers, focusing on recommending fluorosilicon electronic materials, display materials, special coating materials, silane and other additives as well as high-end products. Invite major research institutions and universities in the field of fluorosilicone to showcase the latest research achievements and patented technologies, promoting industry technological innovation. Display the application cases and physical objects of fluorosilicon in high-end fields such as 5G, new infrastructure, 3D printing, medical and health, and dual-use military and civilian applications.

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