Silicone mall : The industry is seriously involved, how can enterprises break the situation? Chairman Ye: Create high-end pure silicone oil!
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Founded in 1997, after 26 years of development, Qiangli Chemical has gained a foothold in the industry with its excellent silicone oil products. "Higher technology, better silicone oil, let the world change because of oil." The epidemic situation in the past three years has not stopped its progress. Qiangli Chemical is keenly aware of the trend of the industry, and continues to deepen, explore and innovate in the field of silicone oil. The high-end pure silicone oil re-launched this year has become a major focus of attention in the industry; whether it is "sales performance" or "brand influence", Qiangli Chemical has achieved a large improvement in delivering value with products.

In 2023, how will Qiangqiang Chemical, which has been dormant in the silicone oil industry for 26 years, break through in the face of fierce competition in the silicone oil market? What are the plans for the photovoltaic and new energy sectors? In this exclusive interview, focusing on many issues of concern to the industry, Silicone Mall specially invited Mr. Ye Guanghua, chairman of Qiangli Chemical, to start a dialogue from the perspective of the enterprise.


After two years, we came to Qiangli Chemical again, and we have new feelings. It is reported that Qiangli Chemical has expanded its production capacity. Please, Dong Ye, introduce the current scale of Qiangli Chemical.

Ye Guanghua▎If the company wants to develop in the long run, it must have a trump card in its hand. It will be difficult to maintain upward development if it blindly follows the trend or follows the trend. After two years of upgrading and transformation, the current strong chemical methyl silicone oil is 30,000 tons per year, and vinyl silicone oil is 5,000 tons. tons/year, 10,000 tons/year of amino silicone oil, 5,000 tons/year of various silicone oil emulsions, a total of 50,000 tons of annual production capacity.


Today's silicone oil market is gradually moving towards the era of stocks, and the competition in the industry is becoming more intense. After the vinyl silicone oil of Qiangqiang Chemical is launched on the market, how is the sales situation? Have you received any valuable feedback from customers?
Ye Guanghua ▎After more than a year of promotion and hard work, the sales of Qiangli Chemical's vinyl silicone oil are relatively ideal. In my opinion, there is no shortage of products in the domestic silicone oil market. What is really lacking is the high-end products that can be based on the company's advantages, combined with customers' own needs and pain points. High-end pure silicone oil, our vinyl silicone oil has the characteristics of high purity, no potassium ion, sodium ion, trimethylamine, and low ring body.

Qiangli Chemical’s vinyl silicone oil is highly professional and has many successful cases. It can provide customers with product solutions for different scenarios. Two examples: one is a manufacturer of electronic appliances and packaging products for Guangdong customers, which has been unable to meet export targets before. After using strong chemical vinyl silicone oil, the barriers were broken, and all the indicators finally met the export requirements, and the export was smooth; another customer in Jiangsu who made adhesives had higher requirements for release. After the cooperation, the two parties have maintained technical communication and obtained Long-term recognition from customers; success stories one after another are the driving force for us to move forward.
This year, the company plans to carry out further purification in the biological department. The vinyl silicone oil will be upgraded again at the electronic level, and the ring body will be lower than 300PPm, so as to achieve the effect of ultra-pure silicone oil and meet the higher requirements of customers.

Qiangqiang Chemical is unique in application innovation. You have been emphasizing the quality of silicone oil. How can Qiangli Chemical products reflect its special features?
Ye Guanghua ▎Qiangqiang chemical products have three main features, one is low acid value, the other is low volatile content, and the third is high flash point. The low acid value can be achieved because of technical differences. Our products do not contain potassium ions, sodium ions, and trimethylamine.

1. If potassium hydroxide is used as catalyst, it will contain potassium ions, which cannot be removed during the production process;
2. If acidic catalysts such as sulfuric acid are used, sodium ions will be contained during neutralization water washing;
3. If tetramethylammonium hydroxide is used as catalyst, trimethylamine will be produced when the catalyst is broken. These residual catalysts will have a serious impact on the later stage of the product, especially the volatile matter. At 150 degrees, the residual trimethylamine in the volatile matter Amines will have a catalytic effect, and if potassium hydroxide is not fully neutralized or neutralized excessively, phosphoric acid will also have an effect.
In 2023, the industry may become more inward-looking. How to maintain the momentum of development and expand its advantages has become a tough battle for Qiangqiang Chemical. Under new trends, new competition, and new challenges, it must maintain full combat effectiveness and fight steadily step by step. Therefore, Qiangqiang Chemical Committed to using higher technology to create better silicone oil.


"Let the world change with oil" is your corporate vision. You are committed to building Qiangqiang Chemical into the world's leading supplier of new silicone oil materials. We see that Qiangqiang Chemical's products have always been aimed at import substitution. From your point of view, What do you think is the sustainable development space for domestic silicone oil?
Ye Guanghua ▎There is still a certain gap in quality between domestic silicone oil and international famous brand silicone oil. Qiangli Chemical has been researching in the field of silicone oil for more than 20 years, and researched and developed high-purity silicone oil from the perspective of technology and equipment. In the end, we solved the technical problem of high-purity silicone oil.
The customer feedback of the high-purity methyl silicone oil we launched in the early stage is also very good. Now our high-purity vinyl silicone oil is actively being put into the market. In terms of market development space, Qiangli Chemical will go to electronic and electrical power, new energy, cosmetics, medical and health care These fields not only have great development space abroad, but also have great potential in the domestic market.


The silicone oil of Qiangli Chemical is already a well-known brand in the field of textiles and daily chemicals. Nowadays, the fields of photovoltaic and new energy are in the golden age of development. Has Qiangli Chemical considered the layout of its products in this sector?
Ye Guanghua ▎ Yes. Qiangli Chemical has been actively deploying products in the new energy and photovoltaic fields; only by making a solid high-end pure silicone oil can there be a solid foundation for future extensions, such as conductive and thermal conductive silicon materials, new energy battery filling materials, and photovoltaic adhesives. In our future product development, we have also deployed elastomer and silicone rubber plates, including liquid silicone rubber, gel and other electronic grade products.

Our project has been fully affirmed and supported by the local government. At present, it has been implemented into a 73-acre land plan, and scientific research reports are underway to create a 250,000-ton/year silicon-based new material industry for silicon-based new materials in the photovoltaic and new energy fields. This is the future deployment of Qiangqiang Chemical Industry.


According to your observation, what problems will exist in the silicone oil market in 2023? How to break the situation?
Ye Guanghua▎ On the whole, there are two problems in the silicone oil industry and market in 2023: First, there is a serious surplus of low-end products and a slight shortage of high-end products. After years of development in the domestic market, competition for low-end products is in full swing. Insufficient research and development requires us to continue to work hard to tackle key problems; the second is the Russo-Ukrainian war, the instability of the world has hindered exports, we must actively respond to national policies and carry out internal circulation, and Qiangqiang Chemical has been constantly exploring and solving internal circulation problems. To break the situation, we must solve the problem of internal circulation instead of imports, and work hard from the aspects of raw material control, preparation process control, testing and technology improvement. The pure silicone oil of Qiangli Chemical is to use higher technology and better silicone oil to create value with customers and work together. Solve the problem of insufficient high-end products, work together with customers to break the situation, and create a better future.

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