Good news: Qiangqi Chemical Co., Ltd. has upgraded its equipment, and its production capacity and quality have improved to a higher level.
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Huangshan Qiangli Chemical is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of new organic silicon materials. Specializing in the research and development, production and sales of multiple derivative products of new silicone materials, it has established a complete industrial production system from formula research and development, raw material production and processing, surface treatment to finishing technology, with full-process production and manufacturing capabilities. It is an enterprise that entered the silicone industry earlier in China. After more than 20 years of development, the scale has continued to expand, and now it is a relatively leading scale enterprise in the industry.

The company's new factory production line has introduced automation and flexible key equipment; expansion of existing production capacity and new business manufacturing can achieve better results, production efficiency, and quality control. Compared with the previous product structure and development mode, the upgraded powerful chemical intelligent equipment is gradually developing in the direction of intelligence, greening and informatization. While automatic adjustment of the production process, energy saving and environmental protection, computer technology, sensor technology "Embedding" the equipment greatly improves the intelligence of the equipment, and also optimizes the economic and social benefits, which can be described as unconventional and extraordinary.

The intelligence and high quality of the manufacturing industry is the key to the transformation and upgrading of my country's manufacturing industry, and will become the leading force for my country to participate in international competition. In this context, the new upgraded equipment of Qiangqi Chemical will further increase the high efficiency and high quality of the organic silicon production line, realize collaborative innovation, continue to give full play to the advantages of advanced technologies such as computer control technology and frequency conversion speed regulation technology, and realize the organic silicon production line. Active detection and control of production equipment and quality to achieve stable, reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection purposes. From traditional manufacturing to "quality" manufacturing, and then to "intelligent" manufacturing, a new round of industrialization is quietly evolving. "Intelligent manufacturing" puts forward higher requirements for the production equipment and skills of enterprises, which also means that the spirit of craftsmen who strive for perfection will be Become the key to winning this round of competition.

Huangshan Qiangli Chemical Co., Ltd. knows that technological innovation and equipment upgrading are the driving force for enterprise development. Therefore, in the process of development, it constantly introduces new processes and new equipment, and increases technological investment and technological transformation. This equipment upgrade not only increases production capacity, improves labor productivity, but also improves product quality and quality, making product data more stable, and can provide a stronger guarantee for the company's future business development and development.

Now, good silicone oil, powerfully made. It is no longer a simple slogan, but a qualitative leap through continuous practice and continuous innovation and upgrading, and it is also the source of our continuous progress. At present, the main upgraded silicone oil production lines of Qiangqi Chemical include dimethyl silicone oil and vinyl silicone oil. After the technical upgrade and equipment upgrade, Qiangqi’s products cannot be said to be comparable to Shin-Etsu produced in Japan, nor can it be said to surpass imported brands such as Dow Corning; But we use the same production method, the same production equipment, the quality has been continuously improved, and we are chasing after them; some data are not necessarily worse than theirs, and some data are even better than them. Domestic silicone oil has gradually matured, and going abroad has continued to expand. Come on strong, come on Made in China!

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