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Hot summer, the county leaders went deep into all sectors of society to carry out

Recently, Wang Kai, deputy secretary of the county party committee and mayor of the county, led a team to go deep into the factory and the production workshop of the enterprise to visit and condolence to the workers who are sticking to their posts in the high temperature, and send them the coolness and care of summer. contribution to economic and social development. Zheng Xiangyang, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress and Chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, attended the condolences.

QL chemical new products are coming, medium viscosity dimethyl silicone oil 2000-5000mpa.s

QL Chemical has been continuously upgraded and constructed. In response to the needs and requirements of new and old customers, the company decided to add three new grades of 201 silicone oil, namely QL-200 DM2000, QL-200 DM3000, and QL-200 DM5000. Excellent quality, affordable price, welcome to contact us.


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In the production process, every
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