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Huangshan Qiangli Chemical Co., Ltd. company profile and related product introduction

Huangshan Qiangli Chemical Co., Ltd. company profile and related product introduction

QL Pure silicone oil, higher technology, better silicone oil!

QiangLi's pure silicone oil, higher technology, better silicone oil! The target of vinyl silicone oil is high-end silicone product market, high-end liquid glue market, high-end electronic glue market, etc. The viscosity is: 100/200/230/350/500/1000/2000/3500/5000/10000/20000 cSt, and the annual output can be Up to about 14400 tons. Simethicone oil can replace imported products in all walks of life. The annual output has exceeded 50,000 tons. . The silicone oil produced and developed by our company does not contain potassium ions, sodium ions, trimethylamine, high purity, low acid value, low volatile matter, and no impurities. Its excellent quality has won the trust of many domestic and foreign users. Now the new production line, skilled technology, greater production capacity, stricter quality control, and more stable indicators and parameters, welcome to consult and order, Qiangli Chemical wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality products Product and satisfactory service! ! !


About Us

Huangshan Qiangli Chemical Co., Ltd

◎ Proficient from professional! As a professional chemical company, we focus on the combination of production, learning and research, and develop innovative products and solutions for chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, electronics, plastics, leather, rubber, daily chemical and other industries!

◎ Reputation comes from service! We have established a customer-centered service system. It is our goal to improve our own quality, product quality and service level. Through professional and technical training of sales engineers to provide customers with timely and thoughtful professional and technical services, whether it is product sales, technical guidance or on-site service, we do everything we can to do better. Strongly adhere to the customer income to solve customer needs as the company's top priority!

◎ Sustainable development comes from communication and cooperation! We hope to establish a strategic partnership, seek common development, strive to open up and forge ahead. For the cause of common sustainable development, Qiangli chemical will accompany you with success.

Self confidence comes from our consistent requirements for product and service quality

The products are constantly improved in practice

  • efficient
  • Low cost
  • Advanced equipment
  • Excellent R & D team

Our product advantages


Strong commitment to become customer
first supplier Special silicone in China 
Global customized silicone supplier


We have today's labs, developed using 
cutting-edge technology Special silicone 
technologyfor customers will bring
long-term benefits Value to customers.


We have a passionate workforce and 
people who are committed to High level of innovation and customer service.


We firmly believe in providing customers 
with Higher quality products


In the production process, every
step of the monitoring, and The
drug was administered within 
24 hours.

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